My Llynfi Cardigan

You could be forgiven for thinking this cardigan was something I knitted myself.
It is made of wonderful sheepy organic shetland wool.
The mustard edging was hand-dyed using coreopsis ( a plant like a chrysanthemum).
The buttons are fairly-traded from a cooperative in Nepal.

 But in fact, it was made for me by Sue of Llynfi Textiles in Wales.
I know this, because she sent me hand-written note in my parcel, explaining that it had taken her a little longer than planned because she had fallen out with her knitting machine :D
That is the sort of back-story you just don’t get with “fast fashion”!

The pocket linings are knitted out of a darker shade of wool, just as it came off the sheep.
See the hand-stitching to secure the top corners on the inside?
The finishing is precise and sturdy.
I am confident that this garment will stand the test of time, as long as I look after it.  Sue sent me instructions on exactly how to do that.  She even included a natural moth-repellant sachet, and sent it in a zip-loc bag inside the eco postage packet.

Am I happy with it?
Oh yes!
It cost a lot of money.  But if it is the only ready-made garment I buy this year…?
I have bought myself more than a cardigan.  I have bought peace-of-mind and you can’t put a price on that.

P.S. In case anyone is wondering, no, I was not sponsored to write such a glowing review.  These thoughts are my own.