My Father – February 7 2012

My father, Frank (although, I call him Paco affectionately) has spinal stenosis and has constant pain in his back when he is standing or walking. He has had 2 previous back surgeries with little improvement. He is now investigating whether injections in to his spine would help to relieve his pain. However, this requires an MRI of his back. So at 11 AM, we drove across the desert to Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot, Idaho today for the test. The entire experience was great! His appointment was at 1 PM and we arrived early. He was quickly checked in via admissions and then wheeled over to Radiology where we filled out a 2-page questionnaire. Then, a very nice technician, Chris, came to take him to the MRI Scanner. Paco was in the scanner and ready to be scanned at 1 PM.He was in the scanner about 25 minutes and then we were off for home – back across the desert at 1:30 PM arriving back in Mackay just before 3 PM. Paco’s doctor will call him with the results.If all my medical appointments went as smoothly as Paco’s – everyone would LOVE medical care.