My Dear Nephews and their Families……

My brother was married to Dennis and Joe’s mother.

I grew up considering them “BLOOD”, as did the rest of my family.

I basically saw “my” boys grow up across the street at my parent’s house in Newbury, OH.  (suburb EAST of Cleveland).  Spent a lot of time taking them out…. the circus, the county fair, lunches, etc.

Eventually, the marriage broke up and my nephews ended up living with their father Richard in KY.

We’ve remained close over the years, and it was SO WONDERFUL to see them, their wives and children during my visit.

Joe and his family live in Danville, KY.  Dennis and his family are in Boulder, CO.

We spent a day with them at Jennifer’s home.  The “kids” had a big spread of food, and hilarity ensued.  Such a fun time!