My daughter, The Librarian!!!

My daughter, Sachiko, has completed her MLIS. She is official and we are very proud of her. As a graduation and birthday present combined, she’s getting a MacPro.

It was a choice between a Canon Rebel fancy camera or the Mac. The Mac won. I think, since she’s an amazing writer, the Mac Pro will be just right to write her book or many books.

Today, I might go into town to get a few bins for some stuff I want to put in  smaller bins. That way I can get rid of the larger ones and reduce. I have some stuff ready to go to the thrift store including my original Kelty backpack from 1977. Cool.. well, old really. And it’s not like I’m going backpacking ever again. Give me a  small pack( which I use when traveling) and a hotel.. Well, we do love camping n our tent trailer, but I’m off the ground. Speaking of which, the North face down bags we have in our tent trailer are the original ones we bought in 1977 when we did in fact, backpack Mt Rainer, later Zion, and ? I can’t remember where else. Now, all I want is a bathroom in an RV. ha!! Well, after all the GI issues I’ve had with chemo, it’s for the best. Or at least there better be a bathroom near by.

Congratulations Sachi !!! Love you!!