My Birthday!

They tell me that when u get your cells transplanted it’s now your birthday. My stem cells were transplanted in two steps, one around noon and the other around 1530. During both processes I was given a steroid along with Benadryl and another, drug who’s name escapes me but serves the same purpose as a qualud or similar. I was passed out when Lil came to see me and when I did talk it was gibberish.

After Lil left they came to check on something and I sort of had to wake up but I was only talking more gibberish. They came to prep me for the second round after I was finished eating some lunch (some of which was un-eatable)

But let’s describe the actual process. We walked through the Melphalan process. For the stem cells started with the premed that had the steroid, allergin, and nausea medicines delivered via and IV. The Benadryl helps fight any reaction you may have to the preservatives used where the steroid picks you up and the nausea meds keep you “right”.  They also threw in an ‘adjuster’ sort of a “mommy’s little helper which really put me over the edge.

The cells coming in are more pushed than dripped of an IV.  You can feel them as they are very cold.  However you will immediately get a sensation in the back of your throat that is difficult to explain.  Some call it ticklish in the back of the throat.  To me it was almost like pepper in the back of your throat.  It goes away as they do the push and I found that a popsicle (yes, back to popsicles) also helps.  depending upon how many tubes you go through is how long you’d need stuff.

I’m done now, no nausea and good blood pressure, etc.  I’m snacking on Fruit Loops as someone had recommended!  My wife brought in a steak tonight so good eats.

But on to the title – I was told that the day you get your stem cells back is like your birthday.  I was also told that I am on a “neutopenic” diet for 100 days.  Just like a baby is given foods in very basic manners till they can get ‘up to speed’  So happy birthday to me!  Everything looks good, no D, regular BP and oxygen.  Will get labs back shortly.

On top of all of this – we are about $1500 short of my target of $50k as of my first transplant.  Thanks to everyone that’s reading and thanks to everyone that made a donation.


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