My big night out

WCK has been sick with a virus since Friday, so I have not left the house much. I’ve been spending my days vacuuming cracker crumbs out of the carpet, taking WCK’s temperature, fetching ice water, and watching the Disney Channel. WCK still likes to watch A Bunch of Smart-Mouthed Kids, and now there is a brand new series that not only has smart-mouthed kids, it has smart-mouthed identical twins! Actually, I think the twins are played the same actress in a Parent-Trap-type way. I’ll have to watch a few more episodes to be sure. WCK will be home again tomorrow, so I will let you know.

We did start a new project: WCK and I want to see how many Wizard of Oz movies we can watch. Since she’s been sick, we’ve watched Tom and Jerry Wizard of Oz, The Dreamer of Oz (a made-for-TV movie from 1990 about the life of L. Frank Baum), The Wiz, and The Muppet Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, I fell asleep during most of Muppet Wizard of Oz (vacuuming up cracker crumbs is exhausting, people!), but WCK tells me it was OK. Queen Latifah played Aunt Em.

The second Jay came home today, I fled the house for the bright lights and excitement of the grocery store. The sights! The sounds! The produce! It was the greatest place to be ever!

Before I left, Jay told me I should stop at the Caribou Coffee that’s located inside the store and drink a fun beverage as I walked around. Oh, that’s a bit much. It’s enough that I’m having a wild night out at the grocery store. I was not about to get crazy.