My Annual Doughnut!

(This was written in Wed while at Mt Sinai but for some reason my BlogPress app want allowing me to publish – so this MSG is delayed a few days.)

I’ve been offline for quite awhile and for that I apologize. I guess when your not in the thick of things, updating the blog doesn’t come as easily. Well, thi morning I am back for my annual PetCt to investigate my innards and determine if my bones are all still in the correct place (I never did learn that song, “neck bone connected to the…”)

If you remember from a previous posting, the PetCT process involves a nuclear injection (IV). It’s very intimidating as the sure wheels in a cart with a giant lead block (to protect her) and a gun-like apparatus in front of the block. They had inserted the IV prior and now they removed the nose of this gun-like piece and hooked the IV to the front of the gun. All of this being done while the nurse was meticulously hiding behind the big lead block. The injection was quick and sounded much like my son finishing off a milk shake.

Now I have to wait and hour for the glowing, radio-active substance to
circulate through my body. But that’s ok – I have refreshments! The
(patented) Radi Cat2 Berrie Smoothie! So no food since midnight, nothing but water this morning (not even coffee) and I have approximately 37 more minutes to wait till I get the call to come in for my scan.
From there, I head back upstairs for my quarterly Zometa treatment. Once that’s done, I can go get coffee and food. Now I’m thinking what that menu will include as I’m slowly getting starved!

All is well otherwise – my IGA numbers have remained in normal and I’m hoping to keep it that way for some time. I did increase my Revlimid dosage to 15 mg a few months ago but otherwise all signs are normal.

No other updates for now. Any questions, please holler – otherwise, thanks for reading!

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Location:Mt Sinai, New York