Multiple Myeloma Survival – Please remember to LIVE!

Sorry friends for the absence, but I have been entirely too busy living, and have not been thinking much about Multiple Myeloma or this web site.  This has raised a question in my mind that maybe we all need to remember to just LIVE our lives and somehow leave Multiple Myeloma in the back of our minds, if at all possible.    This is so easy to say but much harder to do.  We recently moved to Atantic Beach, Florida and rented a place near the beach.  We bike to the down town area all of the time, walk on the beach, and because we live near the beach, have been blessed with a lot of family visiting us at the beach.  In the last two weeks we have had my daughter Andrea, son-in-law Sean Patrick and my adorable granddaughter Fiona, and last week we had my wife’s sister Gale, her husband The Donald, and her daughter Olivia, and her new baby Izak.   We had a great time, and I have found that spending time with people we truely LOVE provides such a positive experience as well as the very best memories that you can possibly have to cherish.  

I will post a few of the pictures from these times as a reminder to all people with multiple myeloma that it is important to LIVE your life as best you can with those that you REALLY love.  You may not have that much time to do it, so the time you have is so very important.  I feel really blessed to still be able to be with those that I love. 

Best Regards and may God Bless your myeloma journy/Gary Petersen

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