Multiple Myeloma Support Groups Raise Awareness and Raise Funds For The Cure

The North Florida Multiple Myeloma Support Group had planned on doing a Mambo For Myeloma You Tube video, and our support group leader Anne found out that Takeda (formerly known as Celgene) would contribute to the IMF research fund for each support group who put a Mambo video on You Tube.  The North Florida group took that to heart and put together the following video, and challenged the other  support groups to Mambo and contribute to the cure as well.

North Florida Myeloma Support Group Mambos to  “Back in Stringent CR”.

Funding for myeloma is one half of the average of funding all cancers per life lost, and funding for all cancers continues to fall based on funding cuts to the National Institute of Health.  Funding keeps falling for myeloma research each year, and it can only be made up through the efforts like this and all other myeloma fund raising initiatives.  Mambo for Myeloma is one of the few which is supported by the IMF, MMRF, MMORE, and MCRI. These are all national myeloma organizations which are key to education, research, treatment, and assistance to the myeloma patient community. 

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