Multiple Myeloma – From a Patients Perspective – Cure Talk Broadcast  Feb. 28

*** Now that the program has been aired you can listen to the rebroadcast if you CLICK HERE.***

Pat Killingsworth, blogger, author, and myeloma advocate will co-host with Priya Menon of Cure Talk the Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast  on the Feb. 28 @ 6:00pm EST.  It is a panel dedicated to answering the questions from patients and caregivers by panel members who are authors, bloggers, support group leaders, and living with multiple myeloma as well. 


The panel will include Gary Petersen, the editor of, Nick Van Dyk, executive, musician, humorist, blogger and myeloma survivor, and Sandy Hirsch, myeloma survivor and founder and group leader of the Charlotte, NC myeloma support group.  All panelists will sum up their myeloma backgrounds and then the show would be open for questions. Listeners can ask questions to the panelists live on the show and should submit their questions prior to the show so the panelist can have an opportunity to research the topics if necessary.  You can view additional information about the program and register by just CLICKING HERE. Or if you would just like to register now just CLICK HERE.

If you would like to get a flavor of the backgrounds of each of the panel members your can go to the following blogs:

Pat Killingsworth –
Gary Petersen –
Nick Van Dyk –
Sandy Hirst –

We look forward to meeting and interacting with other members of the multiple myeloma patient and care giver community. 

P.S. –  Pat just recently published a blog post where Nick Van Dyk explained the UAMS or Arkansas approach to treatment called Total Therapy in an attempt to provide an even handed analysis of this well known approach to treatment.  It is well worth the read.  It is in a two part post. Just click on PART1 and PART2.

Best Regards and may God Bless your myeloma journey/Gary