Multiple Myeloma CURE without TRANSPLANT? – Dr. Berenson dropped a BOMB!!


The only time that I have heard the word CURE used in reference to myeloma is in the recent Spanish study which included transplant,  the Total Therapy protocol which utilizes tandem autologous transplants, or those who have undergone the far more risky allogeneic transplants. I have never heard even a whisper or hint from anyone suggesting that this was possible without transplant in the mix, until Dr. Brerenson’s recent Cure Panel broadcast.

Dr. Berenson was the cure panel featured speaker on the November Cure Panel broadcast.  A lot has been written about this broadcast, however a very important element of this broadcast was under appreciated by all including me.  It was not until I had listened to the broadcast for the third time that it hit me that the good doctor had said that he had ” possibly CURED patients without TRANSPLANT”!    

Jack Aiello had asked a question and referenced the recent Spanish study that reported that with transplant the patients in CR for some 11 years(10 to 15%) seldom relapsed and this would signify CURE.  Dr. Berenson responded by saying he also has had patients from his initial Velcade trials who are still in CR and doing well and will possibly be CURED as well.   What is amazing to me is that the Myeloma Cure Panel has had three multiple myeloma professionals as featured speakers and all have mentioned CURE.  That is Dr. Ravi Vij, Dr. Parmeswaran Hari, and now Dr. Berenson.  It looks like this might just be a trend, and a trend that the entire multiple myeloma patient community has been waiting for.  

To listen to the rebroadcast and to read more summaries of the broadcast please CLICK HERE.

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