Much Better Energy Today – November 25 2012

I had much better energy today…woke to just over an inch of new snow and shoveled my driveway and my father’s which took about an hour. Came home and vacuumed the house and did more laundry.

This period of time (15 Nov to 26 Nov 2012) has been a chemo break for me following my 1st cycle of carfilzomib.  I had to take 20 mg of dex on 19 November 2012 to end Cycle 1. 

I will begin the 2nd cycle of carfilzomib/dex tomorrow on 27 Nov 2012. This consists of IV carfilzomib/dex Tuesday/Wednesday for 3 weeks with only 20 mg of Dex at the beginning of the 4th week – then a week off.

I start the 2nd cycle of Revlimid 10 mg on 27 Nov 2012 for 21 days too.

Hence, I think my lack of energy was due to coming off the dex more than anything else – although, my hemoglobin (oxygen carrying) is below normal at 10.5 (norms 12-15.5) on 20 Nov 2012. Plus, I came back home to 6,000 feet elevation from Scottsdale, Arizona at 1,510 feet.