2013 Mt. McCaleb Cemetery Book Displayed Memorial Day – May 26 2013

Jani and Robbyn finished up the final Mt. McCaleb Cemetery Book Alpha List for Memorial Day 2013 this morning. Then, Jani and I drove the updated book out to the cemetery, cleaned the little kiosk where the cemetery book is kept, and placed our “work of art” in its place.

Judy Malkiewicz placing the 2013 Memorial Day Cemetery Book in the Smith Kiosk at the Mt. McCaleb Cemetery, Mackay, Idaho. 

We put up signs (yellow) directing people to the Mt. McCaleb Cemetery Book location. The Mackay Cemetery Board is going to vote on a more permanent sign indicating the location of the cemetery book in the Smith Kiosk that Earl Lockie has made. However, it was not ready for this Memorial Day.

Contents of the covered cemetery book case (2013 Memorial Day Cemetery Book, scratch paper and pencils, cemetery plat maps, and an article about the Mt. McCaleb Cemetery Book burning up in April 1938 when Mackay City Hall burned to the ground – limiting the accuracy of the cemetery book today between 1901 and 1938.

Jani and Robbyn did all the walking in the cemetery looking for the veteran’s headstones, while I did what people with very low platelets do BEST – one-with-the-sofa. 

However, I think my platelets may be increasing some – I haven’t had any blood from my nose or throat for several days. I’m on Day 18/21 of the Revlimid 5 mg and continuing every other day Dex 10 mg. My energy seems to be a tad better too, especially in the morning when I’m able to feed the dogs, unload the dishwasher, and pick up the house. I’m go Tuesday, 28 May 2013 to have my blood tested at the Lost Rivers Medical Center. If the values are okay, I will not have to continue on to St. Luke’s Hospital in Twin Falls. If the values are too low, we will continue on to St. Luke’s for “rescue transfusion(s)”.
Drove Jani, Rob, Bonnie, and Kris on a Mine Hill tour above Mackay in Jonah. I NEVER GOT OUT OF THE TRUCK – I forgot my camera card, Jani’s camera’s battery died, Bonnie only shot video, and Kris didn’t have a camera —– oh well….here is an old photo.

Jani, Robbyn, Bonnie and Kris saw a bull moose on their walk with the dogs this evening.
And a short video of the same moose later at his link: 

Again, I did what I do BEST while they walked – one-with-the-sofa.