Moving Forward

Mom and Dad met with MD Anderson today. They met with their myeloma doctor and their stem cell doctor. Dad had a very good review! He’s been feeling really well the last couple of days and even had plans to go golfing tonight! yay!

We have a verbal okay for from the insurance for the stem cell. They still have to send an official copy. Dad will need a bone test to see if he needs another round of chemo before the stem cell harvest or not. Appointment is next Thursday.

After the harvest, it’s two weeks before the procedure. Then three weeks in the hospital. Mom is hopeful that all will happen soon. She’s thinking perhaps we “might” get to take a Christmas trip! Regardless, she’s happy that the time is going to work for her to go to her friend Julia’s daughter’s wedding.

In the meantime, Dad needs to get some exercise so he can be strong when he goes into stem cell.

Speaking of exercise – run is in three days! (I freaked out this morning when I realized that). I’m going to be epically slow (37 minutes today… my first mile was 10:46 which was great… second and third, not so much. ) but I’ll finish . I guess that’s all that matters the first time around! We’ve raised over 3,000 which is beyond amazing!! Thanks for all of the support!