Mother Teresa: That gal totally gets me.

WCK’s school is doing a fundraiser selling religious gift-y items. I ordered a framed quote from Mother Teresa to hang on the wall. I’m not really one to go about purchasing framed quotes from Mother Teresa to hang on the wall (this is, in fact, my first one), but I just thought it was nice. Today, as I was loading groceries into the car, I figured out why.

You know how, when you’re a stay-at-home mom, people constantly ask you, “What do you DO all day?” (If you don’t know that this happens, you’re not a stay-at-home mom.) I always wonder why it is OK to ask stay-at-home moms this. You don’t ask this question of someone with a “real job”, and then listen attentively as they describe downloading the blah blah blah reports to get the numbers on the blah blah blah account.


So, I spend my days answering questions from people about what I do all day, reading blogs written by other stay-at-home moms who complain bitterly about how people are constantly asking them what they do all day, and this. THIS is what I do:

I do small things. Many, many, many small things. They’re things nobody notices while I’m doing them, but if I suddenly quit, my husband and child would be out in the back yard in dirty, ragged clothing, hunting moles for food, all the while having absolutely no idea that WCK needs a poodle skirt costume for her Christmas program.

I can’t allow this to happen. Think of the moles. That’s why I’m glad Mother Teresa finally has my back.