More happy sock-knitting

Thank you all for the kind, concerned and funny comments to my recent posts :)
FL is secretly pleased to hear himself compared to a Toast model.  He will deny knowing what Toast is, but I have seen him flicking through the catalogue when he thinks I’m not looking! Heh.

We were back at the GP today for another check-up after he admitted that the D of his D and V had still not cleared up properly after two weeks.  But the threat of that sort of examination seems to have, um… dried him up?  The GP told him he is “just frail”.
That’s not at all how FL sees himself.
As The Girl said when she saw him again for the first time this visit: “But… but he has always been so full of…”  Yes.  Full of life, energy, spirit, joie de vivre, you name it, he was full of it ;)
The GP weighed him again today and he has lost 7 kilos since July.
Some of that is clearly down to eating less, and the D and V, but it is a lot of weight to drop in a month.
Back to the hospital on Monday.  Sigh.

But on to happier things!

My Rachel Coopey obsession has been fuelled by two new publications.  One of them is illicit contraband if you live in the UK, due to copyright restrictions, so let’s just call it: “The Unofficial HP Knits” magazine from Interweave.  I am sure you can track it down without me linking it.  There are some seriously fab patterns for full-sized garments, gloves, cloaks and socks in there.  I am almost tempted to knit a black laceweight coat…

I spotted the Fred and George Socks and just had to knit them, immediately.  If the millionairess with the initials JKR has a problem with me knitting these socks, I will happily make a pair for her to compensate for the loss of earnings involved in the use of the names “Fred” and “George” by a sock-pattern designer.  I mean… really? 

I cast these on on the 6th.  It is only the 8th now and I have just turned the heel of sock one.  That’s how obsessed I am!

I am using the Yarn Yard Toddy sock yarn from my CoopKnits KAL prize, and the Small Skein Society round 4.  Purple and green!  Woo hoo!  The colours reverse on the second sock.  I absolutely love how Rachel Coopey designs her patterns in bite-sized chunks.  Every time I pick them up, I am starting a new section:  rib, colourwork, fancy rib, heel flap, heel turn, gusset, foot… everything fresh and new all the way to the toe!  And I even remembered to use bigger needles for the colourwork to make sure it comes out the same gauge as the rib – woot!

I didn’t say anything about Toddy when I wrote about the Wallace socks.  That was a wicked oversight!  This yarn is deliciously squooshy, and much softer that the 25% nylon led me to expect.  I am really really pleased with how it settles down in colourwork, but has a good amount of definition in the rib sections. 

The second publication has unrestricted access worldwide.  It is “A Knitted Sock Society“, a book of ten Rachel Coopey designs for Rowan Fine Art sock yarn.  I am particularly pleased to see a number of man-friendly designs in this book.  I am serious about knitting at least six out of the ten patterns, if only there were enough hours in the day!
My favourites are Jesse, Reginald and Thora.
Go.  Look.
 I have some Knitting Goddess yarn waiting to be wound just as soon as I finish Fred (or is it George?).  It is “Same Difference” yarn in the Capuccino colourway.  Exciting!