More better days than bad days

Tony has had a few good days.  The onset of gout appeared on Wednesday, but he took an Aleve in the morning and one at night and it cleared before it got full blown.  Whew!
Yesterday an MRI was done to rule out other possibilities causing the backache.  Results should be on Tuesday.
Last night was a completely sleepness night.  The steroids he’s taking apparently make him quite the chatterbox.  When I roll over in bed, he thinks I’m awake and begins a conversation……with me. LOL
I’m not getting my rest.  I know this sounds so selfish.  Even as I type this my head is shaking and I’m smiling.  Should I be complaining?  I love talking with him.
We had a very good friend of ours sadly lose her mom this week.  We had trouble deciding how Tony would pay his respects for our dear friend.  He needs to stay away from sick people and large crowds.  We cannot risk him catching a cold.  So we decided to have him attend the funeral mass and sit at the back.  It’s difficult to stay away from people with colds and say, “no hugs please”  So much support with this.  It’s amazing!
Back aches are only in the morning and as the morning routines are accomplished, his back loosens and he is able to do more.