Monthly check up results… coming soon…

Hello end of February… you were a lousy month for me! Hoping March will be calmer. Ha! Probably not possible as what I’ve been experiencing will be what I will be experiencing forever… and it’s only going to revv up… ugh!
So sick of being sick.

Today I will meet with my hematologist/oncologist to find out how Revlimid 15mg alternating with10mg is doing gobbling up those nasty myelomas….

Should I be brave and go full on 15mg?
Will find out today what my numbers are and what my Dr thinks.Crazy to live blood tests to blood tests.

Check back soon, as I will post my news. I broke my “post on the 5’s” plan, as I passed the 15th and 25th (as I haven’t felt well)… but if you do the math for today, Feb 27… 7-2=5. Yep, I know… I’m ridiculous :))

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something as often as you can!