Month of wondering…a bit of travel, and trying not to think about our cancer status

June blood tests brought surprising news of seeing ABNORMAL noted by several of my levels. But my oncologist was not alarmed and cautioned that this type of fluctuation happens.
Most important… will be my next month’s tests… that will truly tell the tale of my status.
A year ago July, we were headed to Hawaii for our celebration of life, family, friends, remission and me being off all treatments and chemo and Scott fully recovered from his surgery! Well that didn’t work out so well for me, as you can read in my July 2012 blog…
I wound up really sick and spent most of my time in the hotel room, feverish and stunned, and even grew a weird benign thing in my mouth called a “spindle cell carcinoma” ha!  … so much for trying to be “normal”, getting on an airplane and traveling!
Much as everyone teases me about my “antibacterial bubble”, it’s for real folks… did you forget… I have a cancer of the immune system!!!
So this July, we opted for a much tamer trip to the Kern River, in our own clean RV :)
I even went in the “public” river and threw “caution to the wind” (as my dear (deceased) mother would say) and I went in the river!! Not just toes… full body immersion!!! so there!!! Take that Myeloma :)
But heck, I’ve gotten lax on my sterilization policy in general, seeing random students, sometimes even shaking hands, etc, as I’ve been feeling pretty good this past year, and have very successfully fended off the germs well…. even withOUT a flu shot!!

3 survivors we are!
Cancer? not us!

 Scott doing a little fly fishing

 Here I am floating in the “raging rapids”
pretending I don’t have a care in the world
pretending my immune system is strong
leaving my antibacterial bubble behind
So serene and beautiful!
I actually felt “normal”
for just a bit…

Ha! little did I know, Myeloma was roaring back…