Monsanto Timeline: Innovation and Contamination

As the leading herbicide “Roundup” producer in the world, Monsanto now is responsible for 90% of the worlds genetically modified (GMO) seeds. Founded in 1901 by John Francis Queery, Monsanto has taken many forms, some good and some evil, all for profit.Recently they have become controversial in their fight against GMO labeling in California (Prop 37). This is not their first battle in terms of legislation. In fact, their first every product (Saccharin) was sold to Coca-Cola and they were sued by the government (they won the lawsuit).Since then they’ve managed to capitalize off of World Wars, Vietnam, the ban on hemp, herbicides and much more.The strategy is simple: invent new products and then present a flood of scientific research to gain approval. If this does not work, buy Washington D.C. The timeline below does not document the legal battles and political corruption too much because that graphic will be released tomorrow. Rather, this just shows some of their innovations and the contamination that followed.Odds are we have all used or consumed Monsanto products in the past, whether you know it or not. Some of their invention are cool (AstroTurf), while others not-so-cool. Through it all they’ve managed to takeover the herbicide business and GMO seeds. If we have omitted anything let us know, there is only so much room!Many people who support organic growers are of the opinion that they don’t want to eat anything invented is a science lab. When looking at the graph below, this opinion seems reasonable. For those who defend Monsanto, take a look at the past in predicting the safety of their products in the future.Jump to Graphic