Monday, October 3, 2011

A month later, I visited Dr. Roy Sweat in Atlanta with my husband and oldest daughter Madelyn.  Madelyn had suffered an accident when she was young and we wanted to make sure her spine was healthy.  Dr. Roy and his staff were really nice to work with.  He checked the alignment of my feet and tested the strength of my limbs, including the strength of my fingers.  He squeezed two fingers together at a time and asked me to resist.  When my fingers weren’t strong enough to resist him, he said “wow, you’re really weak”.  Great.  I lay down on the table for my treatment which is very different than your typically chiropractic adjustment as there is no physical adjustment.  Dr. Roy developed a machine 20 years ago that adjusts only the atlas, the top bone of the cervical spine and the adjustment is done with a machine that sends force to the bone for adjustment, kind of like kinetic energy.  He believes that a typical chiropractic adjustment will not stay in place as long as the atlas is out of alignment.  He also doesn’t believe that any other adjustment needs to happen and says that if a patient has had too many chiropractic adjustments, it will lessen their chances of ever having a healthy spine. 
Immediately following the treatment, an x-ray revealed that my neck was already shifting into proper alignment and I was now able to pass the strength test when I resisted his fingers.  WOW!  I was so happy.  I felt like I was finally responding to something.
Once home, David will check my feet for alignment and when they move out of place, I’ll have to head back to Atlanta for another treatment.  Dr. Roy predicts that the adjustment will only last a month or two, so, I’ll probably be heading back to Atlanta before the end of the year.