Monday, October 10th, 2011

I went for my first blood draw and Dr. Gonzalez called me the next night to share my results.  I had noticed that, after about two weeks on the therapy, I had begun to feel very tired.  The first thing he asked as how I was feeling and I said “tired”.  He said “yeah, your hemoglobin dropped”.  Oh no.  “Your white blood cells went from 2.7 to 3.9, which is significant.  Your hemoglobin dropped from 9.4 to 8.6.  At 8.0, people start getting blood transfusions and I know that neither of us wants that”. Oh God.  He asked if I minded having my blood drawn again because the lab didn’t break down the Immunoglobulins the way he wanted.  So, he sent me a new slip and I went as soon as I could.
I walked around in a daze for a couple days, pretty depressed.  I didn’t want someone else’s blood in my body, and, more importantly, I was concerned that the therapy hadn’t kicked in yet and I’d have to go take some toxic drug.  Worse yet, I had that sick feeling in my stomach that the therapy wasn’t going to work for me.  Ever.  I’d spent two years chained to the house, missed my daughters’ Christmas concert (so that I wouldn’t be exposed to viruses) and numerous other events, and took on significant debt, all for the Gerson Therapy, which didn’t work.  Now, here I was again on another therapy that might not be working.  I really didn’t feel like I could stand much more. 
The only bright light was the fact that my white blood cells were at 3.9.  The minimum range for normal is 4.0 and I was so close.  My white blood cells haven’t been over 3.2 in over three and a half years.  It seemed my bone marrow was functioning to some extent but the low hemoglobin really bothered me. 
White blood cell count: 3.9 (normal 4.0 – 10.5)
Hemoglobin count: 8.6 (normal 11.5-15.0)