Monday catch up!

It is still really hot and even going to be hotter. 106 is predicted for Wednesday. This is a long spell for it to be so hot. We usually have a week or two of hot but this has been ongoing. Did i say I hate the heat. I don’t do a lot  and it seems to just suck the energy out of me.

A couple of this I wanted to mention. Ive got the ball rolling for my second option in Seattle. Everyone on the Myeloma beacon(well, almost) says see a specialist. Well, where I live Sacramento does not have one and we live almost an hour away from downtown where I see my doctor. So, its either UCSF or Stanford. In all honesty, i haven’t felt the need to see a specialist until now. Mostly because everything Ive learned from so many people and sources I know most of what DR. L has done is right up with doing what I need. But now that I’m off Revlimid and on to Pomalsyt, I’m a little nervous. I’d like to be sure I have someone else to check with if Pomalyst doesn’t work.  I’m still confident it is  but next cycle will tell.

So, when I first called UCSF about seeing Dr. Wolf , the lady was quite unhelpful and unfriendly. She made it sound like a lot of work to see him etc. So, I kinda dropped it. But then I decided to call Seattle cancer center about seeing Dr.LIbby. I have always like his response on the Myeloma Beacon. the lady was friendly, helpful and we started the process.

So, the other day she emails me that Mercy cancer was not getting back to her and even gave her a wrong fax #. So, I called and talked with the young lady that is at the front desk. She was very nice and then said was I moving to Seattle and hence the privacy release form. I said no just a second opinion. So she said oh thats easy just have her called me no release is necessary since its a second opinion. So, what I’m trying to get at. If I’d known this I would have done all this way sooner.

So if you’re looking for a second opinion call all the parties to see what needs to be done, it could be easier than not.

I’m off today to drop eggs off to friend, then I guess I need my annual thyroid test as I got a notice. So, I hate to get 2 blood draws this week but it needs to be done. Wednesday I’ll get my blood panel and hopefully my neutrophils are up enough to stat the Pom.

Oh, our JKWP is on Year 3 day 31.