Moments to Remember

I really can’t believe it has been so long since we posted. Thank you to those who were concerned about us and wrote to be sure everything was okay. We are fine…life just took a very busy turn when we went to check up on EZ’s parents over in the mountains, and we stayed longer than first anticipated.
As you might remember EZ’s mother, Erna, fell and fractured her pelvis on January 8th. He was able to spend five days with her, and we have been in daily contact since, but we just wanted to see with our own eyes how she was doing a month later. At 87, an injury like this is not easy to come back from, and we had reports from EZ’s Dad and their caregiver, Lisa, about increased confusion, and problems using her right arm. So off we went.

Unfortunately we arrived to learn that Lisa had been using a pressure cooker that morning and opened it while still under pressure. The top flew off and hit her in the forehead, and the steaming hot green beans and water splattered onto the right side of her face, causing second degree burns. Thankfully, she had closed her eyes, so they were not injured. She is one tough cookie and we were so happy that her injuries weren’t worse and her burns healed really well with each passing day. While we had some tough times during the week, we also had some very precious and tender moments caring for one another.

Linda and Lisa

Erna beaming and beautiful after we took her to have her hair done for the first time since her fall.EZ loves to hug his mom.
On Sunday morning we prepared and enjoyed a nice big breakfast together, and of course monkey bread had to be a part of it. Erna was very proud of the fruit salad she helped me make, and I was thrilled to have her in the kitchen, being able to do what she loves. I was definitely trying to put a few pounds on her while I was there!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day together and Mom helped me gather dishes from her two china cabinets to set the table. We used crystal pieces and silverware she hadn’t seen in quite a while and everyone commented about how nice it was to enjoy a candlelight dinner, at home, in our “5 star restaurant”. From the time our children were little, I always tried to make this day extra special for my family as a way to serve them and show them how much they were loved. We brought out our best china and the children felt like royalty, often eating in the dining room not the kitchen, even if breakfast was the only meal that we could all gather for. It was fun to do this for EZ, his Mom, Dad, and Lisa. Last year on Valentine’s Day EZ had surgery to place a pin in his femoral neck and a rod in his femur, requiring a three day hospital stay for us. This year was a whole lot more fun!

Lisa is a lover of puzzles and has a quite a few to choose from. At first Mom was hesitant, but once we got the table out and asked for her help, she was all in. This is the second one we completed together…a great feeling of accomplishment for her.
When the weather cooperated we enjoyed many walks outside and were so proud of Mom’s progress from a walker, to a cane, to holding an arm and walking a big loop. We all love to be in the great outdoors and it blesses my heart to see EZ lovingly, tenderly and with great joy, spending time just walking with his mom. How well I remember the days in April of 2010 when he painstakingly took his first steps after spending a month bedridden. He too had to progress from walker to cane, building up his endurance by walking loops around our driveway…just like his mom. Sometimes having been there gives one a sensitivity others find hard to understand. It was a beautiful thing…mother and son walking arm in arm. As you can see, their dog Charlie was also happy to have her outside again!

There was much more to our week, from home physical and occupational therapy to an MRI. Progress was made and questions were answered. More sweet memories were created. Tune in tomorrow!