MMM days… where are we now? 18 to 26?

 May 25 2013
Ha!  Only one me-made garment on display and I look like I am expecting triplets – fab!
This is the Summer Concert Tee worn with an ethically-challenged black jersey tube skirt bought online for a reduced price.  The company which made it does charitable works in Africa, but I don’t know what they do there because I don’t read Danish.  So I am just going to confess to price-influenced failure in my ethical stance and leave it at that.  It serves me right that the overall effect is “maternity wear”.  I was comfortable.  Next time I wear this t shirt I will stick to jeans.  Though obviously I need to wear the skirt as often as possible to atone for my sins.  It looks fab with my Drafting Tops :)
Happiness?  Outweighed by guilt.

 May 24 2013
Me-made:  Betty Jean McNeil cardigan, Ginger skirt in teal wool, dotty Renfrew (not seen) and Simple Yet Effective shawl.
Happiness?  This is one of those outfits that I wear too often.  It is safe and dependable but lacks sparkle in my eyes.

 May 23 2013
Bounce, bounce, bounce – new cardigan alert!!!  (The other bouncing was the hailstones outside.  Yes, really!)
No, I didn’t make the cardigan myself but it was handmade for me by Sue of Llynfi and I will be blogging about it soon.
Me-made:  side-buttoned Kelly skirt, sparrow print Renfrew
Happiness?  See “bounce, bounce bounce” above :D
Subdued colours influenced by the weather, I suspect.

 May 22 2013
Me-made:  dark denim Kelly skirt, Liberty tana lawn Sencha blouse, Audrey in Unst cardigan and Shetland Lace Triangle shawl.
The first time I have teamed a Sencha with a Kelly:  it works!
Ooh yeah, pretty high!  The ladylike Liberty print makes the denim look almost smart, so I feel quite subversive in this outfit (heh heh heh!)

May 21 2013
Me-made:  Mushroom-print Ginger skirt, organic cotton Renfrew top, and Aestlight shawl.
Happiness?  Lime and violet.  Need I say more?  My favourite colours together at the same time – yay!

May 20 2013
Me-made:  Mustard Jupe Chardon, my other Sencha blouse (dark green tana lawn), Audrey in Unst cardigan.
Happiness?  I think I took the matchy-matchy a step or two too far with the tights and the shawl (knitted by Christine).  But the golden birdcage necklace really works with this skirt.  So, yeah, I was pretty pleased with myself in this get-up, and it definitely brought some sunshine to the office!

Missing days?  18, 19 and 26 were all weekend-at-home days, so there were hand-knitted socks and home-made knickers, but that’s as exciting as it got.  Shovelling dead leaves, watering the lavender and cleaning out my yarn stash are not the most fashion-forward events in anyone’s life!

One more week to go.  It’s been interesting to compare my photos with previous me-made challenge months.  I am gathering my thoughts on that topic.  But right now I have a sock to knit because it is almost June, the month of birthdays, and I am not ready for any of them – aaargh!