MMM Days 1,2,3… with Oystercatchers and Eggshells

Extracts from my Me-Made Diary In search of happy handmade outfits

May 1st 2013
I was wearing orange tights today… just like an oystercatcher! 

Happiness rating:  High
Temperature: 6C
Sources of happiness:  Fit, proportions, colour pops, owl earrings, orange tights
Me-made:  Side-buttoned Kelly skirt, Betty Jean McNeil cardigan

Oystercatcher eggs on the roof

May 2nd 2013
I thought I was going to be too cold without another layer under my coat, so I carried the Navy Cardi of Doom. But guess what?  I was warm enough in the office without a layer of wool! 
Note to self:  Maybe you don’t need a cardigan every day, Roo.

Happiness rating: High

Temperature: 7C
Sources of happiness: Fearless skirt length, colour matching, quirky jewellery (pen nib earrings and camera necklace), beautiful shawl knitted by a friend.
Me-made: Purple Airelle top, mustard cord mini skirt

Empty eggshells and the sound of cheeping!

May 3rd 2013
Happiness rating: High (dropping to Medium by midday)

Temperature: 3C
Sources of happiness: Dark denim and stripes worn with warm tights and comfy shoes.  Yay! ” I am still in my twenties and I am probably still a student!”
Petty quibbles:  In front of the bedroom mirror at 8am, I liked this.  By lunchtime at work I felt a bit crumpled and scruffy.  But it is Friday and I am taking the day off on Monday so… it is what it is!  And boy oh boy, do I need a haircut!
Me-made:  Stripey Renfrew, dark denim Kelly skirt, black cotton  Japanese pattern jacket

So that’s the first 3 days of May done and dusted.
The next 3 will be more of a challenge as my “home clothes” tend to be non-me-made.  Maybe I will excuse myself on the principle that I will be doing some making!