Mind, Body and Spirit… and oh yeah Myeloma- Skin Segment

Okay, this has been a harsh winter and cold brutal temperatures can cause havoc on 
the skin. When faced with any kind of disease and in this case 
myeloma, cold, dry cracked skin is not a good day.
Here’s the first of my health segment I spoke about starting.

I’ve noticed for myself being on the cocktail of drugs I spoke of,
my skin tends to be super dry… more than usual.
There was a point it was so cracked I thought it would bleed,
and that’s not cute! I had a regimen years ago when I had this
dry patch of psoriasis or something on my *back
that I wiped away and it never returned, I’m not
sure what happened, but I went and did some research and looked to old school remedies.

Old school method and the new.
Let’s start with:


Let’s face it after people reference you by face, the hands are next.
Hands are the makeup of what’s going on with you,and yes I believe so.
There have been times in meetings I’ll cover mine up
if I get to talking with my hands because, at
the end of the day people move their attention to your hands, and super dry
not  good look!

Not need for a razor

My Go To Has Been (Old School):
a mini hand boost
 of  Vaseline for the cuticles.
a hand massage and a pinch of  more Vaseline and mixture of a
good lotion as a nightcap moisturize.
Apply to hand and sleep with a clean but old sock to absorb the
Try this twice a week and you should see some
noticeable improvements

Other Methods (New School):
 Same thought with Vaseline applied to cuticles.
Sometimes I’ll use a foot shrub lotion to remove
dead skin gently, as well as invigorate the pores,
especially if it’s one that has  mint (below pic), wintergreen
or aloe.

I absolutely love Aveeno Products, so I’m going to plug their moisturize
lotion, but quite frankly I would say go back to the Vaseline and the sock after the
scrub is applied.

Tell me if it worked for you

* I’ll talk about body/ back method on later post*