Midweek Questions

1. The inside of my car smells like hot fieldmouse.
This is not good.  Did I leave the window open?  Do I have a new pet in residence?

2.  Why did I not obey my first instincts? That mistake on row 7 of sock one is worrying me.  Out it comes.  The mistake on row 32 of sock 2 gets to stay – I will make sock one match it!

3.  My latest library reservation awaits collection:  “Instructions for a Heatwave” by Maggie O’Farrell.  Ha!

4.  Did you know you could aggravate your RSI by trying to pull up thistles wearing over-sized gardening gloves?  I can no longer support a mug of tea in my right hand.  What a shame  – I will have to stop weeding for a while.

5.  Will the electrician who promised to come back to rewire my kitchen do so this millennium, or is it back to the yellow pages?  How much longer can we operate using extension leads trailed from one side of the house to the other?  It has been a month.

6.  Why has Outlook dumped all my incoming mail into my Sent box?

7.  Why did someone else buy that stunning 50s shirt pattern from Etsy while I was still prevaricating?

8. Would I wear a pair of super-swishy 70s trousers made out of Anna Maria Horner Field Study Rayon or am I deluding myself again?

9.  Whose idea was it to invite FL’s golf pals to come to our garden for a bbq tonight?  This means I need to tidy the house and the garden after a hot day at the office.  And do we even have enough plates?

10.  Is it the weekend yet?

10-and-a-half.  Oops! Yes, it is almost the weekend and I failed to post this, have no pictures to attach and haven’t even added links.  But at least this proves I am still here :)