Middle For Diddle*.

Social media is a wonderful thing, (well some of the time.) It connects us with other people from across the world, even if sometimes there is the time difference to cope with (I usually end up posting “Happy Birthday” wishes to Dave and Lynn when it is already the next day!) We’ve made some good friends and been able to share experiences of life with all our Myeloma Buddies. 

Some times it is a reminder though of one’s luck, be it good or bad. There are those who have been off treatment for five, seven, even ten years or more. There are those who have been granted just a few months, or as is the case with Emma J. no drug free time at all. 

It is hard to feel sorry for yourself knowing that there are others far worse off, but still there is that little voice that says “no fair” when the consultant tells you the numbers are creeping back up. Less than 2, 3, now 5. Mike sees Dr. B. again on the 14th of this month. Until then we’ll have to assume we’re in the middle for the diddle.  

*Middle for diddle: The throw of a dart to decide who has first throw in a game darts, nearest the bullseye has first throw.