Mid century furniture

imageI fell in love with mid century furniture around 10 years ago. It was when I started collecting all things mid century or even 1940’s. Vintage buttons, fans(which I still adore), dishes,Life magazines, etc. Most to these collections of given away.Yes, just given to various people I know will enjoy them. But it was probably Heywood wakefield furniture I have loved the most. Most of its too expense for us, but I did find a few pieces locally and then eBay. Nothing too expensive but still love the birch wood and the rounded corners. Most of it is light wood(the birch) often in either champagne or another light stain.

So when we bought the double wishbone table and chairs the people had 2 arm chairs they threw in for free(not really free) since we probably overpaid on the table and chairs. But they needed reupholstering . Of course, i just knew “someday” I’d get it done. Well, the time has come to realize ,Im not going to get it done. It would just be too expensive to do 2 chairs. So, I’m finally doing it, and giving them to Habitat for Humanity. Some lucky person can reupholster them. They are a deal if you know what to do, which I do not.