Merry Christmas, M-spike!

I’m a little late in posting my test results from last week. My M-spike came back at 1.4, which I was pleased with, because it’s completely stable from the month before. Then the nurse told me that it is actually better:  The new lab is now using two decimal places, so last month my M-spike was officially 1.48, and now it is 1.41. I improved by .07. I’m sure .07 doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of M-spikes, but I’ll still take time to enjoy it.


Also, my beta-2 microglobulin and IgG both slightly improved, so that’s good, too.

I won’t have another test until after Christmas, so now I can take the time to think about important holiday things, such as this: Why don’t I have my own Bon Jovi-themed Christmas stocking like this one I found on Etsy? Why?