Merbau Jambu

A bird in a cage hanging off a branch at the treetop walk of Kent Ridge Park. What an irony for the bird, so close to nature, to what is home but no freedom. This beautiful merbok jambu has a cute pointy head, was quite happily chirping about in this environs. He was chirping with other “free” birds. Within the constraints of his cage, he flitted up and around excitedly. His owner stood a distance away watching – bird’s like his kid having a funtime out at the playground, socialising. We walked past and ahead, hung another cage on the branch. Now this bird was quiet. Sitting on his perch, he hardly move, neither chirp nor flit. He was nonchalant. Not interested. Or maybe he was unwell? The freshness in the air, cool breeze, the friendly wildness did not charm him, didn’t stir his feather! Quiet as a mouse, he perched. We didn’t asked the owner, why. We walked on.

Found a better, close-up picture of a merbok jambu.