Meet the Princess

Back when I was in college, I thought Disney Princesses were The Cause of All of Society’s Ills, and I vowed that if I ever had a daughter, I would never let her within 100 yards of a Disney Princess. I was 10 years away from having a child, and I therefore knew everything there was to know about having a child.
Fast forward about 10 years to when I actually gave birth to a daughter, and I realized that there are more important things to worry about when raising a child, such as keeping said child alive on a day-to-day basis, blah blah blah blah. I decided that Disney Princesses have never turned anyone into a deranged psychopath, as far as I know, so I relaxed a bit. Now the princesses can pretty much do whatever they want with my child. I don’t care. Mother of the Year!
Now, compared to some other little girls, WCK isn’t usually a huge princess fan. She has a bunch of princess dresses and some dolls, she thinks princesses are OK, but she’d rather play with her toy dinosaurs. Sometimes she does put tiny princess dresses on the dinosaurs, though.
A few months ago, though, she got invited to a princess-themed birthday party. Rapunzel showed up and gave all of the little girls makeovers. I dropped her off at this party, so I didn’t get to see everything that happened. According to the birthday girl’s mom, WCK had the time of her life and would not stop talking to Rapunzel and — according to several other eye-witness reports — dancing for her. Fortunately, Rapunzel was a good sport and put up with my child pestering her. I wonder if Rapunzel is available for baby-sitting.
Anyway, when I heard about a “Meet the Princess” event at our church, I signed WCK up right away. The girls dressed up in their little princess dresses and got makeovers from Belle and Cinderella. Apparently, a makeover — featuring large quantities of glitter– is a requirement for any princess meeting. Do these princesses go around making over everyone they meet? “Really, officer, I wasn’t speeding. Here, have some glitter hairspray.”
After the makeover, the girls got tiaras, and they got to have a little tea party with pink cupcakes. It was very well-done. It was so well-done, in fact, that I didn’t really realize that WCK thought she had met the real Belle and Cinderella until we got home. She showed a photo to Jay, and he said, “Oh, she looks really familiar. Does she go to our church?”
“Oh, maybe she does,” I said, studying the photo.
WCK looked at us like we were both morons. “What are you talking about?” she said, “That’s Belle. Maybe she looks familiar because you saw her when you went to Disney World!”
Oh, of course. I must have had glitter hairspray in my eye.