Meet our SEXY SADIE!

This little doll appeared at our place about 10 days ago.  She’s a LOVE.

We haven’t had a dog for 9 years since our Trouble passed away.

After some googling, we’ve determined that she’s a Redtick Coonhound, AKA American English Coonhound.

I’m thinking that she’s a puppy, as she’s chewing everything in sight!

She’s stolen our hearts.  Already housebroken, very friendly, and loves to be in the house.  (I let her sleep in my guest room bed with me Friday night!)

Sadly, my raccoons don’t come around anymore.  I strategically place their bread on the branches of trees.

We’re going to get her into our Vet next week.  Check for a chip, heartworms, then if all is well, have her spayed and on heartworm medication.