Medical review …stable…

Yesterday’s medical review and bloodtest results show that I am stable. Actually looking at the M-band for whole of 2011, the graph is slowly trending downward…good. This is very encouraging.
From January till December – 4.26 – 3.79 – 4.63 – 5.2 – 5.66 – 5.03 – 4.68 – 4.45 – 3.59 g/L. All the other numbers are within range, except WBC at 3.7 still a bit lower than the normal, which is expected for patients on Revlimid.
Dr. T is very pleased that the low dose regime is working for me – three weeks on (revl 10mg and dex 20mg weekly) and two weeks off (it used to be 1 week off). Obviously having the one extra week is great, definitely less tired and more “normal” days.
He has suggested that I can extend the next review date to 10 weeks instead of 5 weeks. Hooray! I will still need to go to the clinic in 5 weeks’ time as I am due for Zometa infusion and Vidaza jabs (for MDS, maintenance at 6 monthly interval).

Rejoice and be happy with me, together we give thanks to our LORD for His grace.

Indeed I reflect on this, one of my favourite verses –
“Open for me the gates of righteousness,