Me Really, The Quiet Geek In High School?

Good Morning!  It was so wonderful to wake up to no snow this morning!  The bulbs popping up in my garden now may have a chance.  It was one of those hectic mornings getting everyone off to school.  I let the kids stay up to watch Idol with me, and no one could get up this morning.  Needless to say, it was another morning of driving them to school in my pjs with coffee in hand!

When I get back home I logged on to Facebook with yet another cup of coffee and was overwhelmed by what I came saw.  A high school friend, Kristin Larson Dame whom I have not seen since graduation in 1988 has organized a Relay for Life Team for me.  It will be held in Marshfield, MA on June 24, 2011.  I am just amazed by how incredibly wonderful people are.  You see, I was not what you would consider “popular” in high school.  I was extremely shy.  I didn’t have a lot of confidence and kept to myself.  I guess better put, I was a geek.  I was an honor student, didn’t party, and yes even played flute in the band!  In fact, I didn’t do a whole lot. I had small circle of friends.  I look back at those years and think, why didn’t I just loosen up a bit and enjoy life? Over 23 years has gone by, and I have never even gone to a reunion.  A part of me, figured why would I? It is not like I made a lasting impression in high school.  In fact, most people didn’t even know me.  Yet over the last couple of years, I have reconnected with many from my old high school days.  Even though I may not have “hung out” with many of these people in high school it was so great to see old faces and names again. And through our daily updates on Facebook, many of us now are connected in a way we never were.  It’s funny we are more similar now in many ways.  We are all trying to balance life, kids, family, friends.  Many of us share a passion for running and biking.  And in the past 9 months I have received so many loving and supportive messages since I was diagnosed with cancer.  I am overwhelmed with the outpour of support I continue to receive.

The day I was diagnosed with cancer was a day that has changed my life forever.   I have had many dark, scary moments, and struggle daily to stay positive and hopeful.  However cancer has brought me so many little gifts in life.  I continue to see the true beauty in kindness in people.  People who live their lives paying it forward.  People who ask nothing in return and just want to help.  You all continue to fill me with love, hope and happiness.  You have taught me so much on what is really important in life and how I want to teach my children to live their lives.  Every day it comes clearer and clearer to me that things don’t happen just by chance.  The connections and experiences we have in life prepare us for the unknown days ahead.  Moments and opportunities that in the past I may have missed, I now pay close attention to.   Now I really try to stay present in those moments.

If you are interested in joining our team or following us on Facebook the group is called DHS ’88 Relay For Life.  Our team is Cancer Sucks But Jeanie Rocks!!  Love it!!

Hope you all enjoy the day.  I am going to go for a run this morning and then I am meeting my brother for lunch!