Me Made May: Week Four and Conclusions

OK –  here we go: Me Made May 2014, the last leg.

Friday 23 May:  Just another day at the office.  The day before I discovered that the left front wheel of my car was only attached by a spring and that I had therefore been driving a death-trap for weeks (when I hit a pot-hole and that funny noise started). 

Monday 26 May:  With 3 wheels on my wagon, FL had to drive me to a bus-stop (9 miles) so I could go to work.  We are not amused.

Tuesday 27 May:   I got my car back late on Monday night.  Just as well, as Tuesday was hospital check-up day.  FL had a funny turn in front of the doctor and was wheel-chaired to the consulting room.  His haemoglobin was dangerously low.  We went home and slept.

Wednesday 28 May:  Back to the hospital for a blood transfusion.  I went in to the office while FL had his tank filled with turbo-boost fuel.

Thursday 29 May:  A full day at the office.  2 of FL’s golf pals visited him at home and dragged his horrible old chair out of the house and into the garden…  (yes, of course it is still there)…  and moved the high-backed bedroom chair into the sitting room so that we can now spend our evenings together again.

 Friday 30 May:  Waving in the window to FL before I set off for work.  Yes, I really really need a haircut.

Me Made May 2014, by numbers:

Most often worn:  Dark denim Peggy skirt on 7 days;  a Darling ranges dress of some description on 5 days;  something from a Lisette Portfolio pattern on 7 days; a Renfrew tee on 7 days; a Plantain tee on 5 days.

Not worn because there was something missing:  My LoveCats Mortmain dress because I didn’t have a black or bright simple cardigan to make it work-appropriate.  This was a disappointment:  I really wanted to wear it.
Same story with my new Afternoon Blouse. A black or red cardigan would have propelled this into work-wear rotation.

Not worn because I didn’t like them:  My new Lisette Portfolio trousers.  I tried to put them on twice and on both occasions had them off again in the space of seconds.  They felt horrible (static?) on my legs and looked saggy and baggy and frumpy.  Goodbye – you are off to the charity shop!

Any surprise new favourites?  Yes!  My Betsey Johnson linen wrap skirt :)

Oh look – I’m wearing it today!

Summary and Conclusions:

  1. Telling Zoe that I would probably wear my Audrey in Unst cardigan every day in May meant I was too self-conscious to wear it after May 1st – ha ha ha, typical Roo! 
  2. My need for lightweight cardigans continues:  I wore my new navy Boden one 10 times in May!
  3. I failed to stick to my plan to make any black and white separates.  The fabric is still waiting upstairs.
  4. I need a haircut.
  5. And I need a pair of summery Doc Marten’s:  I wore my cherry DM chelsea boots 13 times in May… and my two-tone brogues have a hole in the sole.

Right.  First of June.  Let’s see how long my front door looks like this shall we?