Me Made May: Final Days and Analysis

So here we are already:  the end of May.
What did I wear in the final few days?  Off we go:

 27 May 2013
South Riding 1940’s pattern blouse, Betsey Johnson 1970’s pattern trousers and (not me-made) Llynfi cardigan

This blouse is special. I took so much care over its making, and the details of the finish that I appreciate it every time I go to put it on. My new cardigan is perfect with it. It is quiet and unassuming.

28 May 2013
 Vicar’s Wife blouse, navy Eva Dress trousers, Audrey in Unst cardigan

This is “old-style Roo”. In previous me-made challenges I have mumbled on about my aspirations towards a vintage look and this outfit pretty much summarises what I was aiming for then. But I have moved on. I like this look, but it feels a bit costume-y. Nowadays, I much prefer the look of this blouse with my mustard Chardon or my dark denim Kelly.

29 May 2013
Red Renfrew, jersey print Kelly skirt, black cotton Japanese pattern jacket, black ankle boots.

This is my only repeat outfit in the whole month and it had improved a lot the second time around.  In the previous iteration (8 May),  I wore flat pumps and a grey shawl and it lacked a vital spark of energy.

30 May 2013
There is no picture. FL and I attended his brother’s funeral.
I wore my rockabilly rose skirt with purple Renfrew, a black Brora sweater which FL gifted me about three birthdays ago, and my silver locket.

31 May 2013
I celebrated the end of MMM in full glowing colour! Violet lace print Renfrew, dark denim Kelly skirt, lime green vintage cardigan, navy ankle boots, with RTW shocking pink coat just in case the weather turned. It did.  (20 C at 8am…. 10C at noon.)

So… what have I learned from Me Made May?
An astonishing amount!

1- See Yourself as Others See You
Taking a photograph every day allowed me to “see” what I wear a lot better than just looking in the mirror.  It led me to rethink my Happiness Rating on several occasions.


The new layout of Flickr sets out the whole month in one screen and about halfway through May I suddenly recognised what others have been telling me: I really love playing with colour!  Some days, I had to consciously tone myself down. Sobriety has its place. But I realised that wearing strong colours makes me look more confident… which leads to me feeling more confident.

2 – Flat-Foot Floogie
My other discovery this month was that comfortable but stylish footwear has become critical to my state of mind and the Happiness Rating of any given outfit.
My two worst days (8th and 9th of May) involved a pair of dead flat Kickers pumps. I felt like a middle-aged frump as I flip-flopped my way through the day. Repeating one of those outfits later in the month with different footwear made all the difference.


By far my happiest days included my navy suede ankle boots from White Stuff. They are incredibly comfortable, and yet kinda funky. I am on the lookout for more of the same. I am giving the pumps to a charity shop.

The Stats
In the breakdown of “what I wore”:

While I wore a Renfrew top or similar RTW tee on 18 days out of 31, I recognised the feeling of wearing something “special” when I wore my 1940’s pattern blouses or Senchas.
I wore a Kelly skirt on 8 days (the dark denim version on 4 of those days), a Chardon on 3, a Ginger on 3… and the Rockabilly Rose on another 3 “must try to look normal” days.
I rarely wore trousers to work and rarely wore skirts or dresses at home… but I really enjoyed it when I shook things up a bit and spent a Saturday in my purple Darling Ranges dress and Eco Sneaks (shoes).

In the end, I think the best thing about Me Made May has been that element of mixing things up.
Trying out new combinations.
Surprising myself!
It is just too easy to reach for the same few items on rotation, but I have proved to myself that I have enough happy me-mades to ring the changes almost every day for a month.
I need to keep it up, to stay out of that rut.  It has been a lot of fun… and fun is something I need in my life.  I bet you do too!  Yes?