“Me and Baby Brother”

Any one out there fans of 70′s r&b group WAR? Well I am still a big fan and have almost all their popular hits on my IPod. One of their hits was a song called, “Me and Baby Brother” and it starts out saying,”Me and Baby Brother, used to run together!” Now if you know WAR the song was kind of a ballad about two brothers hanging out together going to the corner to buy wine to drink down by the river. Brother gets in trouble with law and is taken away. The song goes on to say,”come back baby brother, I love my brother!”. So me and my baby brother will be running together not to drink wine but to do a stem cell transplant with 20 million of his cells. But who knows when we celebrate the success that it is going to bring to my life, we may drink a glass of wine! I love my brother, just as the song says. It has to be a little anxiety provoking for him knowing how dependent I am for him to be able to help my now worthless bone marrow. I just want him to understand that it isn’t anything he did or did not do if this transplant is not a success. I’ll be grateful all the same. I Love My Brother! My brother was here this past weekend because on Friday I had take him to the ABMT clinic to introduce him to my doctors and for him to get his final blood work and physical. He was so astounded by what they told him his stem cells will hopefully do for my now worthless immune system. He was in awe of the fact I will take on his blood type. For example, I am APos and he is OPos, so I will be OPos after his cells take up residency in my marrow. They had to assure him that he would not be loosing a sister and gaining a brother.Lol Of course he would be ecstatic if that were the case because he is the only boy out of 4 children. I told him I might get the urge to drink a beer and watch UFC contact boxing which I can’t stand either right now.Lol Thank you, Baby Bother for what you have graciously agreed to do for me. This goes beyond the role of a sibling. We used to fight like cats and dogs when he was 7 and I was 14. I would make him do his and my chores and dare him to tell or else. It wasn’t until I returned home from being at college after my first year and finding he had grown to six feet and was a puny 5’3″ when I left! We became friends from then on! Lol He maxed out at 6’2″ before he finished growing! I Love My Baby Brother! Thank you, Baby Brother!(to the beat of the song)