May Milestones and Updates Coming!

Hello May!

*Update to the Updated Update*
Been such a crazy “chemo break week”! Too many (wonderful) things came up, and I had a crazy whirlwind week. So exhausted! But that “good exhausted” from Living Life. One more event to go today (Sunday May 22), then it’s back to chemo, dex and side effects ruling my life…
But until my next detailed blog on May 26, here’s the headlines: 

*Unwanted Update*
Friday May 20 SCT-oncology appointment update:
I found out news I did not expect.. at all. I still live in a “I really don’t have cancer that bad dream world” –
IgA up over 800 (that’s 2x the HIGH end of normal) 
M Protein spiked from “not detected” to .75 (zero is normal)
Wow, how can this be Kyprolis? Thought you were my best friend? Boooo :(( As always, I expect good news, good results and I am truly shocked when I hear myeloma continues to win.

Last week:
I didn’t make it to this year’s SCT Reunion,
but my Tee and Badge made it back to me!
Seriously? Really!
Dead battery surprise
when I left my most recent Kyprolis appt!
O myeloma! What next???

My Myeloma girlfriend Cynthia
attending the Survivor’s lunch

My friend Suzanne, breast cancer survivor
at the Survivor’s lunch

*Updates and More Updates to the Update*

Finally went to my office this past Tuesday! Wow, what an emotional experience that was seeing all my wonderful college colleagues! My office calendar was still on October 2015. Made some decisions…

First in 20+ years, spontaneous (free tickets) trip to Disneyland, and most likely last trip. But what an enlightening experience that was on so many levels. Details and pics to come… I surprised everyone, and went on a roller-coaster! And again! Ha! take that myeloma! 
Myeloma Crowd blogger Lizzy writes our roller-coaster life here!

Attended Relay for Life… sweet pics to come.

I know most don’t want to hear this, or accept this, but Myeloma and being a sickie owns me. Trying to do all these activities this week, was just overwhelming for me, but the timing was what it was, and I just went with it. Having a “chronic illness” truly is life altering. Imagine feeling like you have the flu 4-5 days per week, and only 2-3 ok days per week. Imagine always being surprised when you do actually feel good, not the reverse. Imagine always having to explain your “special needs”… It’s a crazy way to live. Yes I pushed myself beyond my limits and I’m paying for it now… I am so exhausted. But I HAVE TO LIVE while I can!

Haven’t really had a chance to process my BAD news yet…

Until next blog…thank you for reading and caring!

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!