May Madness and Revlimid changes To come

Hello 5.25.15

I think I’ll continue on my “less is more”, semi wordless pictorial blog theme, as there’s so much to say, but I just don’t have my usual witty way to convey all this crazy cancerous stuff consuming my life. 
In addition to the passing of our dear family member Claudia (see previous post), I had several others in my circle pass away this month. Too many, too soon, so cruel… makes so little sense to me.

As for me, May was medically challenging. Seems like this Revlimid cycle went on and on and on. I even “cheated” on my Dex schedule, as I’m just so sick of feeling sick and so tired of being tired, and so over dealing with all of this. I didn’t take my regular (mg amount) Dex dose, and I skipped a few weeks, and then when I did go to take it… lol… I discovered I had never reordered my prescription, so I couldn’t take it anyway! I know… shame on me! It’s getting more difficult all the time to have “normalcy” and “normal” activities in my life, so this month I cheated on the Dex (not the Rev). It’s gotten so bad, that to go anywhere anymore, I can’t eat beforehand or during any event. I went to a wedding up a very remote canyon and realized how awful it would have been had I had a GI emergency… I ate a few bread-rolls and left not long after the ceremony. In my pre-cancer life, I would have been one of last off the dance floor…

So here’s my current life in pictures:

My “chew and poo” life
I start with these
And/or this
Then move on to my BFF
(I like the CVS generic :)

Sometimes a “shot” of the Liquid is just easier
than swallowing ANOTHER dang pill

I find myself shaking my head all the time

How the heck did I wind up in this ridiculous situation

So at my last oncology appointment, I suggested to my Dr that I go full on
15mg, but do 2 weeks on/2 weeks off (instead of 3/1) to give my challenged body a break. Yes, I know… word is you’re supposed to hit cancer hard and heavy… but I am just so tired of feeling awful and having such a limited life…  it’s all about finding treatment I can “live” with.

My life in numbers:

WBC’s = 2.7 (low- why I feel so yucky and fatigued), 4 – 11 = normal range
Platelets = 117 (low), normal range= 130 – 400
M-Protein = .88 (yippee! a bit lower than last month), normal = Zero
IgA= 1320 = (up from last month :(  70 – 400 = normal range
ANC = 1.3 (low), normal range= 1.8 – 7.7

I’d sure like to be on this journey!
So I’ll start this new Rev (15mg) cycle in a week… and let you know how it goes. Maybe 2 weeks of a solid higher dose might work better than 3 weeks of a slightly lower dose… 

Mother’s Day 5.10.15
Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something as often as you can!