May 2009 Update, it’s now active Multiple Myeloma

Hi all,

I went for my follow up appointment yesterday to get the results of my bone marrow biopsy and other tests. My case had been put to a panel of cancer specialists and it has now been decided that my new diagnosis is full blown active Multiple Myeloma. I start chemotherapy on June 25th 2009, I have been allowed to go on holiday for a month before I start the treatment, so I am off to Ibiza (Spanish Balearic Islands).

My diagnosis has been based on my free light chain ratio which has been doubling ever month since November 2008, my bone marrow plasma cells which are now 60% (normal is 5% or less). I also have Bence Jones Protein in my urine which I have not had before and my haemaglobin is borderline and so is my albumin.

The chemotherapy will last about six months and the protocol they are using is called CTD, it is all taken in tablet form. The CTD stands for the three drugs they will use which are Cyclophosphamide (chemotherapy) Thalidomide (immunomodulatory) and Dexamethazone (stong steroids). After the six months chemotherapy I will be given a stem cell transplant using my own stem cells, followed by a second stem cell transplant using related donor stem cells which will come from my Mother or Father because unfortunately I do not have Brothers or Sisters which would be the preferred choice for the transplant.

I am in really good spirits and carrying on with life as normal and still doing my degree course and my hobbies. What’s the point in worrying it will change nothing. I am a happy cheerful person with a zest for life and my illness will not take that away from me !!!

I will update again with more info very soon, best wishes to you all xxxxxxxxx