Massive Hammerhead Shark Caught From Beach -July 4th Weekend – Panama City Beach – Catch & Release

In a vivid hammerhead shark video from Panama City Beach, Fla., it’s not immediately clear who’s the predator and who’s the prey.

Posted Saturday on YouTube by user Curtis Williams, the clip begins high above the beach, where a hammerhead is clearly visible a few yards from a lone person in the water. As the camera drove descends, closing in, the shark appears to turn toward the man, and the man appears to point toward the animal and approach it, rather than fleeing.

The reason for that behavior becomes clear after a few seconds: The shark is hooked and the man is pulling it in, hand over hand. With the animal apparently exhausted, he’s eventually able to work it to shore.

The video doesn’t show whether the shark was released afterward. However, when YouTube commenters asked about its fate, Williams responded that the shark had been turned loose and allowed to swim away.