Market Research

I have been doing quite a bit of it lately and really finding it difficult to find any books, especially for parents on basic children’s mental Heath needs and when to be concerned. All the books I can find seem to be aimed at providing information to professionals and are quite heavy reading. So I am pleased to report that I have at least written the introduction to my book and I think today I shall try and get on with writing another chapter, I really need to get on with it, whilst there remains such a gap in the market.

Yesterday mum came to do more gardening but she kindly allowed me to distract her and come with me to Matalan. I just wanted a few bits and pieces as nothing seems to fit me at the moment, yet again I blame the drugs for my weight gain and lack of energy to exercise!

Our spare room is coming together and should definitely be ready by party time so we can put someone else up.

Tonight Kate is hosting a party committee meeting to check last minute arrangements. Things are going well and we now know of just over a hundred of people who are coming.

Please do let me know if you want to come but have not yet received your invitation.

We are also looking for a few more exciting raffle prizes if you know of any business who would like to donate something, proceeds going to Myeloma Research please let me know.

Looking forward to the weekend, it looks like the weather is remaining good, at least for us living in the south east.

Enjoy your Friday and don’t forget to leave work a little earlier today.

Deborah xxx