Somehow my child got it into her head that tortilla chips are called “margaritas.” She’s not a big fan of Mexican food, so I guess it all sounds the same. Last night I went to a moms’ night out, and I took some black bean salsa and chips. WCK saw me about to leave with the bag of chips and started jumping up and down saying, “Margaritas?? I love margaritas! I want some margaritas! Will you bring some margaritas back from the party for me?”

What the heck?

Finally I figured out what she meant, and I explained that the chips are not called margaritas. I said a margarita is a grown-up drink, like Daddy’s beer. She is very familiar with Daddy’s grown-up beer.

But then this morning, she must have forgotten, because she woke up saying, “Did you save any margaritas for me? I really want some margaritas!”

I need to nip this in the bud before she brings it up at school at tells her teacher how Mommy gave her some margaritas, and how good they were with salt on them. Maybe she’ll offer to have Mommy bring margaritas for the entire class! First the Angry Eyebrow picture, now this.