Marching on Mallows

Have you heard the expression:  “Don’t harsh my mellow”?  I assume that it’s alliteration on the theme of marshmallows, so let’s improvise a little.  This week I have mostly been Marching on Mallows:  keeping up a regular bouncing pace for fear that if I stop moving, I will sink into a sticky mess of self-indulgence.
I have thrown wool at the problem :)
If in doubt, keep Knitting.

First up:  the Big Red Doily, aka the Old World Blanket in Cascade Eco +
There is a disconcerting issue of scale in the above photograph.
That ball is actually as big as my head.
I am on Row 96 and have just joined the second skein of yarn.  There are too many stitches to fit the cable of my circular needle, so I tried using two circular needles, but it is too awkward.  I have ordered a 200cm-long cable.

The first Woodcutter’s Sock is looked darned fine, if I say so myself.  I should finish this today.
It took me a while to get used to the braided cable, and by that point, the broken rib had kicked in – don’t worry I am talking about knitted ribs!
There is plenty of interest in this pattern to keep me going.  However, I find the colour hard to see in artificial light…

…so I cast on the Inge Sock from my latest Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey sock club shipment.
That blue is hard to capture – it is the colour of a Mediterranean sky.
My tension is all over the place, as I keep getting my needles in a muddle.
I think I need to redistribute the stitches across 3, instead of knitting across 4 dpns and then bringing a 5th into the mix to work the travelling stitches.
It’s like a sword fight every time I pick it up.

I have this crazy plan to set everything else aside to knit Joy McMillan’s Mirrored Linen Stitch cowl out of this unlikely combination of yarns.
I had been looking for a pattern to show off the Fluormania, and I was initially thinking of somehow contrasting it with black and probably making thick wintery socks.
But then I had a stash-dive and found this premium hand-dyed MCN from Lioness Arts – gorgeous! So flipping gorgeous I have been afraid to use it.

In other news, I have been playing Hide and Seek with the calves from next door.
Rather like sheep, if one decides to break through the fence, all the others follow.
We had six of them staring in the farmhouse window the other evening.

Sewing?  Nope.  But I have ordered Gertie’s new book on Sewing Vintage Casual Sportswear after hearing a very positive review on the Knitmore Girls podcast.  I look forward to seeing some sew-ists review the book, but it seems to be oddly quiet out there.

And have you seen the new Moomin Embroidery patterns?  I love the knitting Snorkmaiden – she would be great on a project bag!

FL?  He has moved onto his higher-dose painkillers this weekend.  I am not feeling optimistic.