March = Multiple Myeloma awareness Month!

MMmmmmmmmm…. lots of M’s there!

M for Myeloma
MM for Multiple Myeloma
M for Major
M for Month
M for March
M for Myeloma March Madness
M for My Myeloma
M for My Multiple Myeloma
M for Menacing
M for Maximum 
M for Mysterious
M for Medication
MM for Multiple Medications
M for Managed
M for Me
M for Momentous
M for M & M’s … mmmmMint ones!
ok, enough Msillyness !

“Here’s Good News from the world of Multiple Myeloma research and Medications:
Dr. Durie, IMF Founder, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal’s Lunch Break on “New Hope for Multiple Myeloma Patients”

 And March is for another Month of Multiple Myeloma Remission for ME


Mmmmm… this says it all !