Map (Face) Check

It’s been over six months. I was past due for my first “check back” on the skin cancer surgery. The boarders of the map once stitched boldly to my face have mostly faded away along with the shock of hosting a third cancer. The dermatologist was pleased with the healing, but decided to remove several “pre-cancerous” growths. I’m happy to report pre-cancerous is not as certain as pre-approved or pre-disposed.

2015 Jun 06_0117b

Actually yes, it did feel like cigarette burns

It’s approaching two years since my stem cell transplant. I know I sound like a broken record commenting on the speed of the ticking clock, so I won’t say it (do people still know what broken record means?). I’ll just continue to enjoy every day of this remission.

Leave Request Archives

Leave Request Archives

It occurred to me that my growing stack of leave requests from work is a weight contender for the Greater Yamhill County phone book. Some pages represent more than one day, and not every page is for medical leave, but they continue to collect at a steady rate.