Manage your snoring by singing!

If you are rather disturbed with the snoring your partner subjects you to every night and are looking to engage him/her in a constructive and creative snoring control regime, then you might be interested in knowing more about the Singing for Snorers program. If you think that the name is rather strange, wait till you know more about how this program intends to set your spouse’s snoring problem straight.

BBC recently featured news that created a lot of buzz among the patients of snoring, and of course their physicians. A novel research study conducted at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in U.K. used a singing exercise regime on two groups of patients. A randomized controlled trial scheme was adopted in this study, and its preliminary outcomes showed that the singing exercise proved to be effective in keeping the lax muscles of the upper throat of patients toned. Excited about their findings, the perpetrators of the research went about extending the results of the findings through a graded exercise program. Called “Singing for Snorers”, this program aims at keeping the muscles in the air passage relaxed and toned. These are muscles that get lax over time and contribute to the occurrence of snoring.

It’s important to understand a little more about the kind of patients that were administered the research study singing exercise regime. The study population comprised of patients admitted to secondary care in UK, with subjects spread over various age, gender and health profiles. So, there’s hardly anybody refuting the findings of the study citing reasons of the sample set being unjustified. It’s been more than a year since the launch of Singing for Snorers program, and patients have claimed appreciable improvements in their snoring conditions courtesy this innovative way of exercising. You might want to check out videos of this singing program being undertaken by patients. Primarily, the fact that this program doesn’t have anything to do with medicines, surgeries, food control and other detestable options often suggested to snoring patients catalyzes its popularity with people. Certainly, the strong research framework employed by the physicians involved in the research lends it added credibility. Of course, if time is a test of credibility, then the decade long existence of this program, having begun in 2002, is ample testimony.

The whole study, and the subsequent development of the singing program that claims to provide relief from snoring by toning the phraryngeal muscles, has enjoyed widespread interest, courtesy the reputed names it has been associated with. Moreover, there has never been any research in medical science domain that has claimed that anything as unrelated with medicine as singing can help reduce the frequency, severity and loudness of snoring. If you’d ask Alise Ojay, the man behind this unique program to help out patents of snoring, you’ll be told very excitedly how sounds like “gar” and “ung” go a long way in toning the pharyngeal muscles of patients, and prevent them from taking the shape that catalyzes snoring. But, still we have some solid solutions for snoring. You can read this post to know more about a few solutions. You can check expert reviews as well to make sure that you are using right products.