Making May Sing

There was an unusual level of social interaction at the farm last week.
As a result I seemed to do nothing but cook and clean and smile a lot… and then there was the washing up to do!
So Sunday was a Day of Rest.

Saying that, I spent several hours crawling around on the (clean!) floor taping together a pdf pattern and then tracing it in my size.  It is the Maya Dress or Top by Marilla Walker.
I have resisted for a while, because I felt like I already had a surfeit of simple shift / tunic top patterns.  Why buy another?
But I really like the look of the button-through version and Marilla has shown so many lovely variations on her blog, even using the same pattern to make a coat, that I finally cracked.

Ad Hoc MKAL – Clue 3 :)

After all that exercise, I collapsed onto the sofa with my knitting and some podcasts.
I finally caught up on the last few episodes of A Playful Day.
If you are interested in the idea of a handmade wardrobe, you will really enjoy the most recent episode, an interview with Ysolda Teague.
Kate and Ysolda discuss the practicalities behind creating a self-stitched wardrobe  – making garments that you will really wear, instead of those pretty dresses that look so great on other people but may not fit into your lifestyle.
It is a topic dear to my heart right now and I especially enjoyed hearing how Ysolda’s own style has evolved from a love of 1940’s vintage, to something rather more utilitarian.
So no actual sewing this weekend, but lots of thinking about sewing!

My new culottes are finding their place in my wardrobe.
Last week I wore them with a long-sleeved tee, black cardigan and my laceweight Vintage Fremont shawl.
Today, a sudden burst of sunshine saw me in my Raindrops on Roses top, the same cardigan and my jet beads and earrings.
Me Made May has remained undocumented in these parts.  I somehow failed to sign up for the Flickr group, I don’t do Instagram or Twitter, and Pinterest confuses me.  I am considering it to be a personal research project this time around, rather than a public performance!
Maybe it is because “plain” clothes don’t feel worthy of trumpetting.  I love reading Dolly Clackett’s blog and seeing all her amazing frocks!  By comparison, who would want to see me wearing the same denim skirt 3 days last week?
Speaking of amazing frocks… check out the lead singer of Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard’s dress for the Coachella Festival!
Holy Bat-Capes!

It was designed by Christian Joy.
You really need to see it in action.
This is my favourite song “Future People” from their new album.